Book by Ajey Lele “Asian Space Race: Rhetoric or Reality?”


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Here is another new book from Ajey Lele, published with Springer (2013): “Asian Space Race: Rhetoric or Reality?” I’m keen for someone to review this book as well for Space Policy journal. If you’re interested, please get in touch!

Ajey Lele also co-authored an article in the most recent issue 29(3) of Space Policy journal: “Prospects and opportunities for space collaboration with Latin America: What can India contribute and gain?” His “Mission Mars: India’s Quest for the Red Planet” is being reviewed for a forthcoming issue of the journal.

From the Springer website:

  • Offers lucid and focused narratives of the space programmes of various Asian states
  • Strategic significance of the various facets of Asian space programmes are debated in detail
  • Provides insights into the Moon and Mars programmes of Asian states
  • Examines various major drivers in connection with growth of space programmes in the region and develops futuristic scenarios
  • Deliberates issues in regards to ‘existence and possibility’ of the Asian Space Race

This book explores the character and contours of the Asian Space Powers. At present, Asian states like China, Japan and India are found investing in space technologies with analogous social and scientific and probably with divergent military intents. Other Asian states like Israel, South Korea and Malaysia are also making investments in the space arena. States like Iran and North Korea are faulted for using space launches as a demonstrative tool to achieve strategic objectives. This work examines this entire maze of activities to unearth where these states are making these investments to accomplish their state-specific goal or are they also trying to surpass each other by engaging in competition. Explaining why and how these states are making investments towards achieving their socio-economic and strategic mandate this book infers that the possibility of Asian Space Race exists but is presently fairly diminutive.

Wing Commander Ajey Lele is working with Institute for Defence Studies Analyses, an India think-tank on security and strategic studies. He is a postgraduate in Physics and has obtained his doctorate in International Relations. He works on issues related to Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), Strategic Technologies and Space Security. He has authored three books including Strategic Technologies for the Military (Sage, 2009).

Content Level » Research

Keywords » Asian Orbital Satellites – Asian Space Race – Global Navigation – Military/Spy Satellites – Weaponisation and Militarisation of Space

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