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Loss of Molly Macauley

It is with tears that I offer my sadness at the death of Molly Macauley Colleague Role Model Mentor Friend It pains me to even type this, but apparently she was stabbed to death last Friday 9 July 2016 whilst walking her dogs in a Baltimore Park. Professor Macauley was...


Reintegrating into life

Hi everyone, It has been a terribly long time since I posted anything, and I wanted to explain that my loving mother passed away just under two months ago. I spent some 5 weeks back in Oregon, dealing with both the emotional grief and the practicalities of losing a parent. I am...

Coldplay Star Full of Stars 2 (3) 0

“Sky Full of Stars” video

This has nothing to do with space politics… but I can’t help but loving this alternative music video for Coldplay’s “Star Full of Stars”… I think it’s quite lovely and portrays space in an aesthetic, romanticised way, and I am always interested in contemporary portrayals of engagement with outer space...


Wither a Welsh Space Policy?

I was asked by a media agency to comment on the Wales Space Policy (the published article is behind a paywall but you can find it in my ‘media engagement list). Here are my thoughts: I’ve just returned from the UK Space Conference in Liverpool, where the theme was ‘Space-enabled Futures.’ And...


Short online poll: Should we send/regulate messages sent into deep space?

An invitation to friends and colleagues (and strangers!) to take a very informal three-question straw-poll about human activity sending messages from Earth into outer space for potential interception by extraterrestrial life. You may briefly answer the questions (which would only take a minute or two) or add further comments if...

Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo Crash: Some thoughts 0

Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo Crash: Some thoughts

US President Kennedy said in 1962: “We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard.” Although space activity is increasingly quotidian, events like the crash of SpaceShipTwo yesterday, and also the failure of Orbital...


Blog on public engagement by Amelia Sharman

Last month myself and three other researchers from the LSE participated in the Natural History Museum’s Soapbox: Science Uncovered. One colleague, Amelia Sharman (@AmeliaSharman), today published a blogpost titled “Leaving the comfort zone: Public engagement can help you think about your research from a fresh perspective” which gives a great overview...


Studying Extinction Level Impacts from Near Earth Objects

This is a briefing paper I produced for a conference on Studying Existential Risks—LSE CARR 27 June 2014 “Studying Extinction Level Impacts (ELI’s) from Near Earth Objects (NEOs) such as comets and asteroids” Dr Jill Stuart, LSE and Space Policy journal A)   What is the current thinking about ‘existential risk’...


Regime Theory and the Study of Outer Space Politics

It is 30 years since regime theory emerged onto the IR intellectual scene, with the publication of articles and collected works by the likes of Stephen Krasner, Susan Strange, Oran Young and other bright minds on the subject. has wisely, in my opinion, taken the opportunity commission a series of essays reflecting...

Lord Martin Rees, UK Astonomer Royal, on Lunar Landings 0

Lord Martin Rees, UK Astonomer Royal, on Lunar Landings

This was actually produced a couple of years ago, though I only just came across it–a clip from Cambridge University–a short interview similar in concept to my previous LSE Hotseat. This covers: “Lord Rees, the Astronomer Royal and Masteter expedition and considers the future of space exploration.”