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Wendell Mendell

Dr. Wendell Mendell is a planetary scientist at the NASA Johnson Space Center, where he has been employed since 1963. His research revolves around geological remote sensing of planetary surfaces, particularly the Moon. Since 1982, he has studied and written about human exploration of the solar system, especially on the...


Johannes Ortner

Johannes Ortner studied Electrical Engineering and Technical Physics at the University of Technology of Vienna and in 1960 obtained his Ph.D. in Meteorology and Geophysics at the University of Vienna. While working as a physicist at the Geophysical Observatory of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences at Kiruna, Sweden, he was charged...


Mazlan Othman

Dr. Mazlan Othman was educated in Malaysia and studied Physics at the University of Otago, New Zealand.  On returning to Malaysia in 1981, she pioneered an academic programme on astrophysics at the National University of Malaysia and was appointed Professor of Astrophysics in 1994. She was seconded to the Prime...


Scott Pace

Scott Pace is the Director of the Space Policy Institute and Professor of the Practice of International Affairs at the George Washington University’s Elliott School of International Affairs. His research interests include civil, commercial, and national security space policy, and the management of technical innovation. From 2005-2008, he served as...


Lubos Perek

Luboš Perek is an astronomer from the Czech Republic. 


Mukund Rao

Dr Mukund Kadursrinivas Rao is an EO/GIS/SDI technology professional with more than 32 years of unique mix of experience in government sector, private sector and consulting domain. Dr Rao has a BSc in Geology, a MSc in Geology; MPhil degree in RS and GIS and a Ph.D. degree in Remote...


Eligar Sadeh

Eligar Sadeh, Ph.D., is President of Astroconsulting International and Editor of the journal Astropolitics. Eligar also serves as a Research Professor with the Center for Space Studies at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs and as an adjunct with the International Space University. Previously, Eligar held professorships in Space and...


Kai-Uwe Schrogl

Prof. Dr. Kai-Uwe Schrogl is the Head of the ESA Policies Department in the European Space Agency (ESA, Headquarters in Paris, France) since 2011. His responsibilities, organized in six Offices, comprise: coordination and business development with Member States,supply chain policy, future preparation and strategic studies, education and knowledge management, sustainable...


Joe Pelton

Dr. Joseph N. Pelton is the award winning author or editor of some 35 books and over 300 articles in the field of space systems, technology and policy. His books include Global Talk, which was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. He is the Director Emeritus of the Space and Advanced...


David Chen

David D. Chen is a Space Analyst with CENTRA Technology.