Category: New Publications

New publications from colleagues and beyond on the topic of outer space politics.


Book “Dr Space Junk Vs The Universe” by Dr Alice Gorman

Long-term colleague and friend Alice Gorman (aka Dr Space Junk) has a new book out! I haven’t received my copy yet but can assure that anyone interested in technology, culture and history will appreciate this interdisciplinary foray. “Dr Space Junk vs The Universe: Archaeology and the future” Paperback Published Apr...


Documentary Movie: Nureyev

I am honored to have been at the premier of the new documentary film Nureyev last night (and honored to be one of the expert interviewees in it). IMDB for Nureyev the film  Tickets and showtimes Even if you don’t follow ballet, this story may be of interest. Born into...


New Book “Limiting Outer Space” Ed Alexander C.T. Geppert

There’s a great line up of authors in this new book, from NASA’s Roger Launius to the Science Museum’s Doug Millard: Limiting Outer Space: Astroculture After Apollo Edited by Alexander C. T. Geppert From the Palgrave Macmillan webpage on the text: “Limiting Outer Space propels the historicization of outer space by...


Summer 2017 “Space Tapestry” UK

I am so incredibly flattered to have been one of the subjects interviewed for this project by the artist Aleksandra Mir. The project is called Space Tapestry, and there are three main events (chapters) to it: Space Tapestry: Earth Observation & Human Spaceflight, Modern Art Oxford, 2017 24 June – 12 November...


Forthcoming documentary “Earthlings Quest” on SETI/METI

  I am proud to be a Trustee of the recently created METI International–Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence. This forthcoming documentary details the debate between the SETI and METI community…whether we should only be listening to extraterrestrials (SETI), or also actively making efforts to contact them (METI). My own position in favour...