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New publications from colleagues and beyond on the topic of outer space politics.


Summer 2017 “Space Tapestry” UK

I am so incredibly flattered to have been one of the subjects interviewed for this project by the artist Aleksandra Mir. The project is called Space Tapestry, and there are three main events (chapters) to it: Space Tapestry: Earth Observation & Human Spaceflight, Modern Art Oxford, 2017 24 June – 12 November...


Tribute to Molly Macauley

As many will know, our colleague and friend Molly Macauley was killed on 8 July, whilst walking her dogs near her home in Baltimore. The journal Space Policy, of which I am privileged to be Editor in Chief, released an emotional and respectful Special Issue commemorating Dr Macauley and her work....


Forthcoming documentary “Earthlings Quest” on SETI/METI

  I am proud to be a Trustee of the recently created METI International–Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence. This forthcoming documentary details the debate between the SETI and METI community…whether we should only be listening to extraterrestrials (SETI), or also actively making efforts to contact them (METI). My own position in favour...


What do they eat in space? Infographic

I was sent this infographic from It’s a fun and interesting infographic about something all astronauts/ cosmonauts/ taikonauts need to think about… What to eat in space! Here is the website explaining the Evolution of food in Space  


“Who Owns Outer Space?” Podcast available

I gave a lecture at the Cambridge Festival of Ideas in October 2015 on the topic “Who Owns Outer Space?” This is the lecture for which I was honoured to win the prestigious Margaret Mead Award Lecture from the British Science Association in 2015. The podcast is now available. As governments and corporations...


“Space Laws” by Dr Stuart in the World Today

Yours truly is very flattered to be the cover story of this week’s The World Today, the journal of Chatham House. It’s a brilliant image that they used as well. The collection of articles on “Space, the final front line” includes a piece by Kazuto Sazuki, who has previously contributed...