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“Why Mars” by W Henry Lambright

Another new title just out that I would like to have reviewed for the journal Space Policy. If interested, contact me! Why Mars: NASA and the Politics of Space Exploration W. Henry Lambright John Hopkins University Press Hardback, 336 pages ISBN: 9781421412795 May 2014 $49.95 Mars has captured the human imagination...

“NASA Spinning Off Since 1962” 0

“NASA Spinning Off Since 1962”

This is a fun infographic that was sent to me to share from Source:


Studying Extinction Level Impacts from Near Earth Objects

This is a briefing paper I produced for a conference on Studying Existential Risks—LSE CARR 27 June 2014 “Studying Extinction Level Impacts (ELI’s) from Near Earth Objects (NEOs) such as comets and asteroids” Dr Jill Stuart, LSE and Space Policy journal A)   What is the current thinking about ‘existential risk’...


New Book: The Iranian Space Endeavor

I’ll be looking for someone to review this for me for Space Policy. Note that Springer tends to not send out free review hard copies of their books anymore I’m afraid, but I can arrange for a reviewer to have access to an electronic copy. Email me if you’re interested...


June 2014: Contribute to “Sky Scrolls” project

From the website here SKY SCROLLS Looking up on a clear and dark night the brilliant lights of our visible Universe reveal themselves. The vast territory of the night sky becomes a mesmerizing field of seemingly infinite luminosity and motion. The abundant array of stars, planets, galaxies and nebulae has been...


Temporary Free Access to Issue 29(4) of Space Policy!

Note from Carrie Christensen, Publisher Editor-in-Chief Stuart and Elsevier invite you to enjoy this quarter’s issue of Space Policy, the highlight of which is the opening of a lively discussion on manned exploration. We welcome you to enjoy free access to this issue for the next 2 months’ time. This includes:...