Space Policy Special Issue: “Global Exploration Roadmap” 30(3b)


GERAs Editor in Chief of Space Policy, I am proud to promote the publication of Space Policy 30(3b), a Special Issue on the “Global Exploration Roadmap” (GER).

Download a copy of the GER.

What is the GER? 

Here is the text from the introduction of the GER:

“The Global Exploration Roadmap is being developed by space agencies participating in the International Space Exploration Coordination Group (ISECG). The roadmap builds on the vision for coordinated human and robotic exploration of our solar system that was established in The Global Exploration Strategy: the Framework for Coordination (May 2007). In doing so it reflects a coordinated international effort to prepare for collaborative space exploration missions beginning with the International Space Station (ISS) and continuing to the Moon, near-Earth asteroids, and Mars. Space agencies agree that human space exploration will be most successful as an international endeavour, given the challenges of these missions. Agencies also agree that pursuing this endeavour will deliver significant social, intellectual and economic benefits to people on Earth. This document presents the status of the space agency exploration road mapping activity. By sharing the results of this work with the broader community, space agencies seek to generate innovative ideas and solutions for meeting the challenges ahead.”

What does this Special Issue in Space Policy address? 

The Special Issue is Guest Edited by Professor Ian Crawford, who is actively involved in the GER and also Lunar Mission One.

Here is the first page of the “Introduction to the Special Issue on the Global Exploration Roadmap” written by Professor Crawford. An excerpt from the introduction includes: “I hope that this Special Issue of Space Policy will contribute to raising the profile of the GER among scientists and policy makers alike, and play a small part in helping to realise its implementation.”

Contributors to this Special Issue

The Special Issue contains a collection of Viewpoints, full research articles, and Reports relating to the GER.


Space life and biomedical sciences in support of the global exploration roadmap and societal development
Simon N. Evetts

Astrobiology can help space science, education and the economy
Mark A. Sephton

Full Length Research Articles:

The Global Exploration Roadmap and its significance for NASA
Kathleen C. Laurini, William H. Gerstenmaier

Developing the global exploration roadmap: An example using the humans to the lunar surface theme
C.R. Neal, G.K. Schmidt, P. Ehrenfreund, J.D. Carpenter

Human spaceflight and an asteroid redirect mission: Why?
M.J. Burchell


Activities of the COSPAR Panel on Exploration supporting the Global Exploration Roadmap
Ehrenfreund, C.P. McKay, the COSPAR Panel on Exploration (PEX)


ESA strategic planning for space exploration
Bernhard Hufenbach, Thomas Reiter, Elisabeth Sourgens

Role of the current young generation within the space exploration sector
Calzada-Diaz, M. Dayas-Codina, J.L. MacArthur, D.M. Bielicki


Access is via ScienceDirect from your institution, or individual articles may be purchased from Elsevier’s Space Policy website.

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Dr Jill Stuart is an academic based at the London School of Economics and Political Science. She is an expert in the politics, ethics and law of outer space exploration and exploitation. She is a frequent presence in the global media (print, radio, television, documentary) and regularly gives lectures around the world. From 2013-2017 she was Editor in Chief of the Elsevier journal Space Policy where she remains on the Editorial Board. She is also on the Board of Advisors of METI International, conducting scientific research into messaging potential extraterrestrial intelligence. She is one of an elite number of people to be endorsed by the UK Home Office as an Exceptional Talent Migrant/ World Leader in her Field. In 2015 she was awarded the prestigious Margaret Mead Award Lecture by the British Science Association in recognition of her cutting edge research. She is trained in both domestic and international mediation and has done consultancy work for the International Criminal Court and the International Court of Justice. She has a sub-specialism in women, peace and security and gender based violence. She is a Trustee of Luton All Women’s Centre.



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