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“Astropolitics: The New Frontier” 24 June 2023 Bradford, UK

I'm looking forward to this summer's Bradford Literature Festival 2023. I'll be speaking on Saturday 24 June from 10:30-11:30AM in City Hall alongside Professor...

“Women in Space Policy” 16 November 2022, London

I'm looking forward to speaking next week at this event with The London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) and Project for the Study...

2 November 2022: BBC Future article “The missing plan for alien first contact”

Many thanks to journalist Tamlin Magee for including my interview in this article. It's a great read, bringing together several different elements of this...

“Future War: The Shape Of Things To Come” 12 November 2022, London

I look forward to speaking at this conference on Saturday 12 November 2022 at Birkbeck (University of London). The topic is "Future War: The...