Dr Stuart is a regular presence in the media: Documentary, Television, Radio, Print, Podcast. Please contact her for interview and article requests. Below is a selection of her appearances and contributions:

(Live Radio Interview) Times Radio “The Evening Edition” on India’s Lunar Landing
23 August 2023


(Live Radio Interview) BBC Wales “Radio Drive” on India’s Lunar landing (Dr Stuart’s segment approx 16 minutes in)
23 August 2023



(Live Radio Interview) BBC Radio 4 “World At One” on India’s Lunar landing (Dr Stuart’s segment approx 33 minutes in)
23 August 2023


(Podcast) “Women in Space Policy” Project for the 21st Century
17 November 2022


(Print Media Interview) “The missing plan for alien first contact” BBC Futures
2 November 2022

_____________________________________________________________________(Media Interview) “Dr Jill Stuart” Tour De Moon
06 June 2022


Jill Stuart France 24 April 2021(Live TV Interview) “The Debate” on France 24 English “Scramble for space: what’s fueling frenzy of new missions?”
22 April 2021

(Internet Interviews) “Are we going back to the Moon?” and “Water on the Moon!” LSE Thinks
November 2020


Mariella Frostrup(Live Radio Interview) “Catch Up with Mariella Frostrup” discussing space exploration
24 November 2020

Bbc Radio 4 Logo

(Radio Interview/ Podcast) “Inside Science” on BBC Radio 4 discussing lunar exploration and  the Artemis Accords
12 November 2020

France 24 Image(Live TV Interview) “The Debate” on France 24 English  “A New Era for Space Travel? SpaceX Makes History With First Crewed Mission
15 November 2020

Times Radio(Live Radio Interview) “Catch up with Hugo Rifkind on Times Radio” Panel discussion on the Artemis Accords and lunar activity
17 October 2020

Carte Blanche Logo(Television Interview) “A New Race to the Moon” with Carte Blanche
5 July 2020


Metro International Logo.svg(Print Media Interview) “Who owns space resources?” in Metro International
15 June 2020

(Radio Interview) BBC World Service “The Real Story” panel on “The Privatisation of Space Travel“. Presented by Ritula Shah with fellow guests Charles Bolden, Ariel Ekblaw and John Lodgsdon and also featuring Jeffrey Sonnenfeld
29 May 2020

(Television Interview) Al Jazeera “Inside Today” panel on “Are we close to commercial space travel?” Presented by Sami Zeidan with fellow guests Commander Chris Hadfield and Eric Berger
04 March 2019

(Media Interview) Hacking Finance article “A Higher Law” by Jessica Holland.
22 February 2019


(Documentary Interview) “Documentary movie: Nureyev” directed by BAFTA-nominated Jacqui Morris



(Print Media Interview) “China outlines period for intense human spaceflight, robotic exploration and satellite constellations” article by Andrew Jones on
24 September 2018

(Television Interview) ABC News The World programme, talking about Sabotage on the International Space Station
9 September 2018

(Print Media Interview) Quoted in Guardian article by Abigail Beall “The Law of the Worlds: How Will Outer Space Be Regulated?”
9 July 2018

(Podcast Interview) Flash Forward podcast interview on “The Space Roomba
19 June 2018


(Podcast Interview) Audible “When the World Listened”
6 April 2018


(Radio Interview) BBC Radio 4 PM Programme with Eddie Meyer “Who Owns Space?”
8 May 2017


(Authored Article) The Conversation “The Outer Space Treaty has been remarkably successful – but is it fit for the modern age?
27 January 2017

(Live Online Video) GQ “Tour of Second Home” (Dr Stuart’s interview starts at approximately 36 minutes)
20 October 2016


(Online Magazine Interview) London Connection “Q&A: Dr Jill Stuart
22 September 2016


(Online Experts Chat) “The Science Of Trump: Energy, Space And Military Tech
21 September 2016


(Interview for podcast on The Conversation) Anthill 3: “Rooting for the Underdog”
13 July 2016


(Interview for print magazine article) New Scientist “Cosmic Carve-up: Law and Plunder on the Final Frontier” by Paul Marks
6 July 2016

(Online Video Interview) HotSeat LSE Department of Government “METI: Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence
16 February 2016

(Pre-record Radio/ Podcast) BBC World Service Newshour Extra BBC World Service “Reaching for the Stars”
19 December 2015

(Interview for radio/ podcast) Naked Scientist “Should I Stay or Should I Go… To Mars?”
10 November 2015

(Interview for print) BBC News “Who Owns Outer Space?” by Yasmin Ali
15 September 2015

(Live interview for radio) BBC World Service Newshour “Is there Anybody out there?”
11 September 2015

(Live Interview for Radio) BBC Radio Five Live “Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence”
11 September 2015

(Interview for national newspaper) Independent “Who owns outer space? And what happens when corporations want to extract resources from asteroids or planets?” by David Barnett
08 September 2015

(Interview for print) Research Fortnight “Welsh Space Strategy Shoots for the Stars” (Print Industry Comment) (Follow-up blog by Dr Stuart)
22 July 2015

(Live Radio) The Globalist “Space commercialisation” (Dr Stuart’s interview starts at approximately 21 minute 30 seconds)
10 July 2015

(Authored article) Financial Times “Global satellite industry must invest in cyber security
10 April 2015

(Interview for Radio) Imperial College Radio “Session about space” (the full two hour session is interesting and worth listening to; the interview with Dr Stuart starts is from approximately 12 minutes and 45 seconds to 20 minutes 30 seconds)
01 February 2015

(Online Video Interview) HotSeat LSE Department of Government “The recent Virgin Galactic tragedy
12 November 2014

(TV Interview) Channel 4 News on the Virgin Galactic Crash
03 November 2014

(Online Video Interview) Arise Media on the Virgin Galactic Crash
03 November 2014


(Online Video Interview) LSE “Jill Stuart: The Politics of Outer Space”
04 August 2014

(Authored article) The Conversation “The Emirates paves way for a Middle East space programme with its mission to Mars
22 July 2014

(Live TV Interview) Al Jazeera America on “China’s Moon Landing”
14 December 2013


(Online Video Interview) Hotseat LSE Department of Government “Outer Space Politics”
14 February 2012