Public Engagement

Dr Stuart regularly gives lectures around the world: for both specialist and also laymen audiences, ticketed and also public appearances. She is also available to chair panels and debates. Please contact her for speaking requests and concerning her public appearance rates.

Drone Wars UK “Keep Space for Peace
20 September 2023



Bradford Literature Festival “Atropolitics: The New Frontier
24 June 2023



LSE Grimshaw Club “Outer Space Politics”Grimshaw Club LSE
15 February 2023



Warwick Economics Summit “Space: Co-operation or Colonisation”
12 February 2023



UCL Leaders Conference “Geopolitics of Space: The future of Earth’s politics conducted in orbit and beyond”
21 January 2023




Project for the Study of the 21 Century panellist “Women in Space Policy
16 November 2022



Foreign Policy Association, Great Decisions Guest lecturer “Outer Space”
10 November 2022



CND webinar panellist “For Heaven’s Sake: Examining the UK’s Militarisation of Space
22 August 2022


Panellist speaker at PSSI 6th annual Space Security conference
22 June 2022


Tour de Moon 2022: Guest speaker for Tour de Moon talks on outer space law, SETI and symbolism in outer space exploration
10-13 June 2022

Canadian Government Information Day 2021 “Guest Speaker: Who Owns Data Collected From Outer Space?
14 December 2021

TRENDS – Secure World Foundation E-Symposium Panelist “Space Security and Stability and the Middle East: Relevance, Rights, and Responsibilities
19 October 2021


Royal College of Defense Studies “Guest Lecture: Outer Space as a Global Commons”
23 September 2021


West London Mun
West London Model United Nations “Keynote: Space Militarisation
27 March 2021


Ditchley conference “Space: the new space race and its intersection with power, the rules based order and the economy”
28-29 January 2021


Super/Collider in collaboration with Uncommon “Speaking into Outer Space
5 May 2020

International Women’s Day” Luton
10 March 2020


Uae Public Policy Forum Circle

UAE Public Policy Forum “Agile Government: Becoming Future-Proof” Dubai
17-18 February 2020

National Maritime Museum and Alunatime London “Space Ethics and Planetary Care
27 November 2019

Grimshaw Club Symposium, London School of Economics, “The Final Frontier of International Relations”
26 November 2019

Symposium at the Henie Onstad Art Center/ University of Oslo, Norway “Space Colonization in the Anthropocene
3 May 2019

Royal Institution London, Faraday Lecture Theatre “How to Cope with Living on Mars” (video capture)
19 March 2019

Futurefest Tobacco Wharf London “Speaking with Aliens 
7 July 2018

“The Final Frontier: Who Owns Space?” London Barbican, Battle of Ideas
29 October 2017

Book chapter about Dr Stuart in We Can’t Stop Thinking About the Future by Aleksandra Mir, published by MIT Press.
September 2017


New Scientist Live Excel London “Who Owns the Moon?”
30 September 2017


Shuffle Festival  Tower Hamlets Cemetery “Public/Private Ownership of Space”
26 August 2017


University of London, International Foundation Programme Lecture (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) “Outer Space Politics”
15 June 2017

Harvard National Model United Nations  lecture “Space Science and Space Policy: Frenemies?”
18 February 2017


Planetary Futures UCL IAS “Extraterrestrial Politics: Philosophy, Ethics & Law”
9 February 2017
________________________________________________________________________super/collider-sponsored lecture given at Second Home London “Speaking Into Outer Space”
20 October 2016


University of the Third Age lecture at the Royal Institution Faraday Lecture Theatre “Who Owns Outer Space”
10 October 2016

LSE General Course conference lecture at Cumberland Lodge “Outer Space Politics”
08 October 2016

Kings College London Women in Science Week “Contact, SETI and METI”
3 October 2016


Anita Sengupta was chaired by Dr Stuart in the Royal Institute Faraday Theatre for her lecture on “Mars exploration: Curiosity and beyond
16 June 2016

Cheltenham Science Festival with Will Whitehorn “Britain’s Place in Space”
10 June 2016



Space Innovation Congress “Keynote: The Politics of Space”
7 April 2016


Edinburgh Science Festival With Dr Louisa Preston and Ryan MacDonald, chaired by Hermione Cockburn “Terraforming: Terrifying or Terrific?”
2 April 2016



London Science Museum IMAX Theatre with Cosmonaut Aleksandr Lazutkin, Doug Millard and Professor Angie Hobbes “Destiny in Space”
13 November 2015

Cambridge Festival of Ideas “Who Owns Outer Space?”
24 October 2015


British Science Festival Bradford Margaret Mead Award Lecture “Who Owns Space?”
9 September 2015


UK Space Conference Panel “Opportunities and Threats: Nanosats and Space Debris”
15 July 2015


Debating Matters Regional Finals Judge “Space Exploration is a Waste of Time and Money”
9 March 2015

Pembroke College Oxford Panel “Space: A New Entrepreneurial Frontier?”
23 February 2015

SETI Institute California “The Politics and Policy of Message Regulation”
14 February 2015


Speech to Cub Scouts (aged 8-10) on “Space Debris” (Kent, UK)
11 February 2015


Battle of Ideas London Barbican Panel “To boldly go: What is the point of space exploration?”
19 October 2014


London Natural History Museum Science Uncovered “Soapbox”  (Straw poll results on colleague Amelia Sharman’s blog)
26 September 2014


Global Lunar Day Symposium Moderator, Republic of the Moon exhibition at OXO Tower
1 February 2014


Kosmika Full Moon Party, Republic of the Moon exhibition at OXO Tower “Sovereignty in Space” (Dr Stuart’s video follows on from Dr Kevin Fong)
16 January 2014

Kosmika Mexico “Peaceful and Open Space”
10 August 2013