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Space Policy: Special Issue on “Space Ethics”

I am very happy to highlight the publication of Space Policy 30(4). This is a Special Issue on “Space Ethics”, guest edited by Tony Mulligan, author of “Nobody Owns the Moon” (2014). The issue includes several Viewpoints and Full Research Articles relating to Space Ethics, as well as two Reports....


Space Commercialisation: My Thoughts

I was kindly invited to present on a panel at Pembroke College, Oxford on 23 February 2015. This was for the launch of the PIVT. Below is the outline of my presentation, which I am happy to share. Please note that these are my notes for the presentation, rather than...


New Book: “The Oracle of Colombo” by Joseph N Pelton

Written by a member of Space Policy’s Editorial Board (Joseph N Pelton): “The Oracle of Colombo: How Arthur C. Clarke Revealed the Future” One of the pivotal minds of the 20th century was none other than Sir Arthur C. Clarke. No other forecaster of the future even comes close. This...

Video “Cosmic Hazards: How Dangerous if Your Neighborhood?” 0

Video “Cosmic Hazards: How Dangerous if Your Neighborhood?”

This video is to accompany a forthcoming book that is co-authored by a member of the Space Policy Editorial Board. Forthcoming in 2015: “Cosmic Hazards: How Dangerous is your Neighborhood” published by Springer. Dr Joseph N. Pelton and Firooz Allahadi.  


Forthcoming Book: “After Apollo” by John Logsdon

Forthcoming book from an esteemed member of our board, John Logsdon From the Palgrave Macmillan website: “After Apollo? Richard Nixon and the American Space Program” By John M. Logsdon Hardcover (352 pages) £22.00 Forthcoming April 2015 ISBN 9781137438522 Palgrave Macmillan On July 20, 1969, U.S. astronaut Neil Armstrong took ‘one small step...


New Book “How Outer Space Made America: Geography, Organization and the Cosmic Sublime”

This will be reviewed in a future issue of Space Policy! From the Ashgate Webpage on this title: “How Outer Space Made America: Geography, Organization and the Cosmic Sublime” By Daniel Sage, Loughborough University, UK   Regular price: £60.00 Ashgate, November 2014 192 pages ISBN: 978-1-4724-2366-5 In this innovatory book Daniel Sage...


“You Are Here” by Chris Hadfield 2014

The charismatic astronaut Chris Hadfield has published a book of photographs of Earth from space. How fun. Macmillan ISBN: 9781447278603 Publication date: 14.10.2014 Number of pages: 208 £20 From the Macmillan website on “You Are Here“: From the author of the international bestseller An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth...


Blog on public engagement by Amelia Sharman

Last month myself and three other researchers from the LSE participated in the Natural History Museum’s Soapbox: Science Uncovered. One colleague, Amelia Sharman (@AmeliaSharman), today published a blogpost titled “Leaving the comfort zone: Public engagement can help you think about your research from a fresh perspective” which gives a great overview...