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What do they eat in space? Infographic

I was sent this infographic from It’s a fun and interesting infographic about something all astronauts/ cosmonauts/ taikonauts need to think about… What to eat in space! Here is the website explaining the...

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Call for Artist in Residence at the ESA

Under the aegis of the European Digital Art and Science Network, Ars Electronica cordially invites artists to take part in a competition for a residency at the European Space Agency (ESA) and at the...

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7-8 July 2016 Spaceland Conference, Mauritius

Oh how I would love to go to this! (Dr Jill starts plotting…) From the 4th SpaceLand Congress website (and I recommend downloading the PDF Flier for full details) 4th SpaceLand Congress : 7-8 July...